Frequently Asked Questions:

 Do I need to bring my own saw?
 No, we provide the saws. They should be located on a rack near the office.  Occasionally during busy times, all the saws may be in use. We try to gather all of them up from time to time. Some people get so excited that they leave the saws in the field or near the baling area or they take them home with them. Try to help us out and remember to put your saw back on the rack  when you are through. We try to make sure the saws are sharp. CHAINSAWS ARE PROHIBITED. ONLY OUR STAFF CAN OPERATE A CHAINSAW ON THE PREMISES. THIS IS A LIABILITY ISSUE AND IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

How are the trees priced?
Each tree for sale has been tagged with a three-part perforated tag. This tag will state the height and price of the tree. The price is determined by the size of the tree and other factors. There is no set price for a tree and they are not priced by the foot.  PLEASE LEAVE THE TOP THIRD OF THE TAG ON YOUR TREE.  This is how you will claim your tree after it is processed. Bring the lower 2/3 of the tree inside to pay. 

Do I have to cut my own tree?
While many families enjoy cutting down their own tree, we are glad to provide assistance if needed. Please understand that during busy times, you may have to wait until someone is available to assist you. 

Can I pre-tag a tree and then come back and cut it later?
At one time, we did allow pre-tagging but it became such a hassle that we had to stop this. We had a few people who cut down these pre-tagged trees even though they were clearly marked. When the people who had tagged them came to get their tree, they found a stump! There was no way we could police these pre-tagged trees so we had to stop to keep our sanity. If you get your tree and keep it in water and take care of it like you should, it will still be fresh at Christmas. 

What types of payment do you accept?
Cash,debit, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. Sorry, we do not take American Express and no out of state checks. Believe it or not, people do write nsf checks for Christmas trees and we have an awful time collecting them. 

Can I bring my dog?
We are animal lovers! One of our owners is a veterinarian. At this time, we do allow dogs to come to our farm but we do have a few rules. First, they must be on a leash or held in your arms at all times. If everybody let their dog off leash, there could quickly be a dog fight or a person could be bitten.  Second, if your dog have a bowel movement, please pick it up. Someone will step in the poop or a tree could be dragged through the stool. Can you imagine getting your tree home and decorated and then getting a whiff of dog poo only to find that your tree has the poop in it? If this ever happens, we will have to institute a no pets policy.

What are those  tags on the trees?
 Each tree that is for sale has a tag on it that has an unique number on it so we can locate the tree in the field. This tag also tells the height of the tree and the price. It is a perforated two-part tag that can be torn in two. When you select your tree and cut it, you should leave the top 1/3 on the tree and remove only the bottom 2/3 and bring it inside the office to pay for the tree. Your receipt will have this unique number on it so that we can match you back up with your tree. When you take off the entire tag, there is no reliable way for you to find your tree again. 

What if a tree doesn't have a tag on it?
 This tree is not for sale. Usually there is a good reason for this. Please don't cut a tree that is not tagged.

Why are there whole groups of trees that look good but are not tagged?
 We have to keep some trees for future years. If we sold every tree on the place this year, there would not be enough trees for next year and the year after.

What do I do when I find my tree?
Cut down the tree. Cut close to the ground but not so close that you get the saw in the dirt. If the cut is not straight, we can fix that for you. Each tree for sale has a three-part perforated tag. Remove the bottom 2/3 and leave the top 1/3 on the tree .PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE ENTIRE TAG OFF OF THE TREE. This makes things very complicated for us. Drag or carry the tree up to the front where the loading area is. You can also hitch a ride on the hay wagon which should be making trips around the fields.  Bring the bottom 2/3 of the tag inside to pay. At the loading area, the tree can be shaken, drilled, and baled if needed. We also can help you load and tie down your tree. 

What if I can't get my tree up to the loading area? 
We are more than happy to help you with this. Ask any staff member for help or come into the office and ask for help. Keep in mind that you may have to wait if the guys at the loading area are busy but someone will help you.

What do you mean by "drilling" a tree?
There is a popular tree stand called a drill stand that consists of a large spike that the tree fits on. You have to drill a hold in the stump of the tree so the tree can be mounted. We have a machine that does that. You can actually take a somewhat crooked tree, stand it up straight and drill a hole so that it looks straight in the stand. You need to let us know that you have this type of stand. Please don't make the guys load and tie down your tree and then remember that it needs to be drilled. It makes for a lot of upset tree workers!

What if you don't want to have your tree shaken and baled? 
You don't have to if you don't want to. You can just load it up yourself, come inside, pay us and head out. Whatever makes you happy!

Why won't you put a stand on my tree? 
 There could be several reasons. If you are in a SUV, the stand will tear up your vehicle. If you live too far from the farm, the tree will need to be recut so it will not sap over. If we put it on a stand, this will be difficult to do. If your stand is not one of the types we sell, we don't like to put them on either. Most of these stands (the type we don't sell) take a lot of time to put on and they are not sturdy enough to keep the tree where it needs to be during the trip home. 

Do you have a gift shop?
Yes we have a small gift shop. We focus mostly on homemade jams, jellies and candles. All these things are made from produce from our own farm. We do have some ornaments as well as wreaths, garland, greenery and pinecones. At times we have fresh yard eggs and other items from local craftspeople. We don't have a large variety of items in the store since we cannot compete with the local discount stores on price. Our focus is on handmade or homemade unique items. 

Do you sell potted trees?
No, at this time we do not sell potted trees. We do sometimes have small seedlings like the ones we plant in the field for sale. However, our seedling order will not be here this year before tree selling season is over.

Do you do school tours?
 At this time, we are not doing school tours due to the many other obligations we have. 

How do I get a job working at the Christmas tree farm?
 We are always looking for energetic, friendly helpers. During the year, we do most of the work ourselves but we do hire additional help during the selling season. If you are interested, please email us or contact us via our Facebook page. We usually have our crew hired by mid to late October but some years we have taken longer to get things together. You must be 18 or older to work for us. 

Do you allow professional photographers to do photo sessions at the farm?
We do not allow professional photography sessions once the farm is open for the season. All of our photography sessions are scheduled in October and early November.  There is just too much going on and we feel that it would interfere with our customers' experience and be very frustrating for the photographers to allow photography during selling season. You are welcome use your phones and personal cameras to take pictures of your family's visit, though! And feel free to send them to us or post on our Facebook page.If you would like more information, please contact us on Facebook or by e-mail at
All of our photography sessions have been fully booked for 2022. Please watch our Facebook page next year for available dates in 2023. 

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