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Leighton Green 
Leyland Cypress
Carolina Sapphire
Murray Cypress
Tree varieties offered at Windy Hills Farm include Leyland Cypress (Leighton Green variety), Murray Cypress,  and Carolina Sapphire. All of these trees grow well in the southern United States. They do well as cut Christmas trees. These trees do not drop needles 
 and will stay fresh well through the holidays as long as they are kept well watered. Southern grown Christmas trees do not go dormant like trees in the north so they have a  continual need for water. Therefore, it is very important that water is kept in the tree stand at all times. Trees should have their water level checked twice daily for the first few days and at least once daily thereafter. If your tree will not be put up in a stand right away, stand it up in a container of water until you can do so. If more than an hour elapses before your tree is put in water or into stand with water, the end should be recut to give a fresh surface so the tree can drink water properly.

The Leighton Green  is the type of tree most people think of when they hear "Leyland Cypress". With its beautiful green color and feathery symmetrical limbs, this is our most popular tree. The Leyland 
Cypress does not really have a smell. This could be considered a fault but is actually a plus for people with allergies, many of whom  are able to tolerate a Leyland Cypress tree in their home. 

The Murray Cypress is related to the Leyland Cypress but the tree is greener and the branches are stiffer. The limbs do not grow as symmetrically as the Leyland's so it has a more "natural", open appearance. It also has a light fragrance.

The Carolina Sapphire has a silvery light green appearance. It is the most fragrant tree we grow. It has an herbal aroma that appeals to many people.

This year we will have NOT have pre-cut trees available. We will only have trees grown on our farm.

Follow this link for some helpful tips to get ready for your trip to the Christmas tree farm :